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Creates Perfect Lips!

As a kid, I used to spend a lot of time in the Claremont Drug Store.  I love the before and after shots on the items marked "as seen on TV".  While my mom was (fill in the blank with euphemism for drinking), I looked at all the lipsticks, creams, and diet pills with desperate fascination.  What a bastion of hope!  I might become an after picture!

Recently, we switched pharmacies to a store that is very similar to the Claremont Drug Store.  While I wait for my asthma meds, I wander the aisles looking at the before and after pictures and the promises of hope.  And sometimes, I purchase one of these life changing items.

On a recent trip, I purchased this lipstick: Beyond Perfect Collagen Lip Lift. I simply could not resist the name.  AND, it says it's a non-surgical alternative to perfect lips.  It works in five days! FIVE DAYS!  Now be honest, could you have resisted?

Of course, you have to remember to use it five days in a row.

I decided that our trip to Winter Park was the ideal time to try out the non-surgical alternative to perfect lips.  All I had to do was put it on for five days in a row and then whaa- laa! Perfect lips!

The results of my scientific study in the quest of perfect lips?

It seemed like every time I put it on, and kissed D, his curly hair got curlier, fuller and fluffier.

Not exactly the results I was looking for.  But, I suppose if he kissed me at all, then my lips might not be as imperfect as I thought they were.

Of course, I'll continue to use the product until I use it up.  After all, it has to work right?  They wouldn't print that stuff if it didn't, right?