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Life between....

Did you see this NY Times article? Life Between Jobs in the New York Times? This article speaks to Post Baby-Boomers quitting their jobs in order to live their lives, take a vacation, or go back to school. The "career experts" say that: "(t)he trend is an outgrowth of today's nomadic job culture, as well as an attitude among many young people open to adventure and big experiences ? and, yes, a bit of indulgence."

Oddly the article never mentions the lack of job security. Almost everyone I know has been laid off at least once and most people between the ages of 38 - 43 years old have been laid off 3 or 4 times. One friend was literally laid off from his first job the day he arrived to start it. We have always been disposable employees.

Why would we stick in there at a job when the employer is just as likely to "reorganize", "downsize" or "out source"? Why trust that we will "retire" when social security is in the toilet? Why not chuck it all when you have the chance and take some time off?

Most Post Baby Boomers know that we will be working all of our lives. We can't count on a retirement that we don't create. Is it honestly indulgent to take time off when you can rather than expecting that someone else will foot the bill later?

What do you think?