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Let peace begin with me...

"Let there be peace on earth

and let it begin with me."

We are almost through the most brutal election season I have seen. And the lawyers are lined up to make sure that we are locked in a battle of recount and readdress for potentially the rest of the year.

It will end. The election fraud cases will get through the courts. The UN election watchdogs will go home.

And at some point, probably by January, this will be over.

And then what?

And then, it's up to us to fix thing thing.

I have my own ideas about how to fix it - get the corporate money out of elections, wrest back our judicial system from their current owners (corporations). But those are just my ideas.

You and me are going to have to do the work of making the economy grow. You and me are going to have to do the digging and cleaning up in the East Coast. You and me are going to have to figure out if it's all right with us that a billion dollars was spent on media that continued to fan the fires of disparity so that they could earn more money. You and me are going to have to figure out if we want genetically modified food or if our health care should be so expensive and so awful. You and me will have to figure out how to feed the hungry children and how to help our veterans return from war.



That's what will have to do this work.

Now, you and me, we're strong. You and me, we've built factories and raised children. You and me went to the moon and discovered how to connect the world via all the tiny moving pieces of the Internet. You and me, we've done amazing things when we've worked together.

You and me - we're the strongest force on this planet.

Now, you can decide like some people have that hate is the way to go. You might continue to pass around banners that wish ill on your neighbor.

But someday, the drunkenness of rage ends. It always does.

You'll wake up and realize that that person you wished was dead so they couldn't vote for that candidate,  is the one who is offering you a job or your next meal or shoveled your walk when your back was out.

And you'll end up with only one thing left to do - join us and get to work.

Why not start now?

Stop the hate. It's making things worse. Hate is the smallest, meanest part of ourselves - the reptilian brain. It's a part of our minds that lies.

Join us. It's pretty easy.

All you have to do is decide that you want peace on earth. Once you do, you'll realize the truth you knew as a child. The only way peace will happen in our homes, neighborhoods, cities, states, towns and countries, is if we each actively work to make it happen.

Lay down your words and thoughts of hate.

Let peace begin with you.