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Learning to Stand :: Chapter Nine ::


Jumping to Matthew, she felt mammoth hands clamp onto her shoulders.

The large man threw her against the mural on the restaurant wall. Managing to stay on her feet, Alex jammed her elbow into the man?s solar plexus. He fell back. Rotating her leg, she threw a roundhouse kick in her assailant?s direction. To avoid her kick, he stepped back and tripped over a parking curb. He fell backward landing on his behind.

She rushed to Matthew?s side. Pressing her knit cap into the bullet hole, she turned him onto his back. He had a gaping wound in his chest. She threw her down jacket over him for warmth. She pulled off her sweater to put under Matthew?s head. Using all her weight, she pressed her wool scarf and turtleneck into the wound. His eyes popped open when her shadow crossed his face. Matthew grabbed her hand.

?Boy Scout,? Matthew whispered. ?Get the motherfucker.?

Sensing movement, Alex raised her left arm to catch a blow. Her arm made a sickening pop.