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Learning to Stand :: Chapter Eleven ::

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Three hours later Wednesday afternoon March 26 ? 3:20 P.M. MDT Denver Health, Denver, CO

?Hi,? Raz whispered.

?Boy Scout,? Alex said.

She opened and closed her eyes. Raz moved to sit on the edge of her bed.

?He?s gone,? he replied. ?Before you ask, Matthew is out of surgery. The doctors believe he will make a full recovery.?

He smiled at her. She frowned.

?You hurt me,? she said.

?Yes, I did,? he said. ?I won?t insult you with excuses. I will regret it for the rest of my life.?

?I wish I knew why,? she said. ?It?s so very confusing.?

?I know,? he said. ?I think it?s confusing too.?

?Aren?t you supposed to be in Washington??

?Joseph is leading the group until you are up and around. He has assessed each of us and offered us a tentative contract.?

Alex closed her eyes. She was hallucinating.

?I thought I heard you say Joseph??

?Yep,? Raz nodded. ?The President wants us to find Cee Cee Joiner. Colonel Gordon put Joseph on the table as the way to make it happen. The Fort acquiesced to the Commander and Chief.?

?Joseph who? Which Joseph??

?Joseph Walter. Major Joseph Walter. In fact, you?re now a Lieutenant Colonel.?

?Now I know I?m hallucinating,? she said.