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Learning to Stand :: Chapter Eight ::


Three hours later Wednesday morning March 26 ? 10:45 A.M. MDT Fort Logan National Cemetery, Colorado

Alex stepped back to admire her work. She spent the last hour cleaning the eleven granite stones which marking the final resting place of the Fey Special Forces Team. As she often did when she was here, she talked to her friends and teammates. She told them about her life. She shared her loneliness and grief. While Jesse hovered nearby, she detailed everything that happened.

In her effort to keep her few living friends close, she had lost them all. She?d known Troy since basic training, Trece and White Boy almost as long. Matthew had been her sparing partner, her buddy and her closest friend through some very dark nights. She spent six months in Walter Reed with Vince. Within a few days, they would be scattered to the wind.

And she would be alone.

Moving from stone to stone, she lit incense with Jesse?s Zippo lighter. Peace be with Alexander, the stone they laid for her, Nathan, Paul, Jax, Dean, Scott, Tommy, Dwight, Jesse, Mike and finally Charlie. Standing in the fragrant smoke, she wondered what was next for her.

Her failure was complete.