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Have you been there?

It's really a beautiful state with rolling hills, miles of soybean fields, and friendly people.? In fact, my friend BroLo is from Kansas as is my friend and his brother, JLog.? They tell me that Kansas is a superior place to grow up.

I grew up in Southern California - you know, skiing in the morning, surfing in the afternoon, throwing ripened fruit at your sisters - so I have to just trust them.

But Kansas has this weird problem with evolution.

Now I would think that people who spend a lot of time growing things would notice that when you combine one thing, like a soybean, with another thing, like a biotech induced vector that kills insects, you get a third organism.? Thus evolution would be obvious.

Not so in Kansas.? In November 2005, the Kansas State Board of Education created new scientific standards that casts doubt on evolution.? And the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster grew.

Why are we talking about this? ? I'm pretty sure you don't live in Kansas.? If they want to teach their kids one thing or another, who cares?? They probably aren't going to run the world.? (Well, of course, we aren't either so....)

Your Tuesday distraction comes from the Onion. (Kansas Outlaws the Practice of Evolution) Make the time to read it.? It's hilarious.