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Just be yourself, but remember not everyone is going to love you.

At the desk, 9:23 a.m.

Today, on Julia Child's 100th birthday, we must remember that we were placed on this planet to be ourselves. We aren't here to be some carbon copy of someone else, to reflect another's animosity or cruelty, or even to pretend to be a recent or days gone by movie star.

We are here to be ourselves. Just like Julia.

We also must also remember that just because you are being yourself, so doesn't mean everyone is going to love you.

You can chant all the positive slogans you like. You can pin on pinterest "Different is awesome" or whatever.

Truth be told - only really normal people think being different is anything other than some kind of curse you learn to live with. You might even embrace your difference and paint it fuchsia. But I've never met a person who was truly different who loved it.

Different is hard. Different is lonely. And most of all, different is dangerous.

So be yourself - and be careful.

Not everyone will love you.

Not everyone loved Julia either. She managed to survive and even thrive under the pressure of her difference.

You will too.