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Recently I joined a cool program called ItStartswith.us

ItStartsWith.us is a cool program designed to get people involved in making a positive impact on other people. Once a week, Nate, the founder of ItStartsWith.us, sends out an email with a weekly mission. The weekly mission is a 15 minute simple idea that can positively impact another person.  So far, I've been asked to do something special for a child and reconnect with an old friend.

We were in Craig for the book signing the week of doing something special for a child. I was able to spend some time with my young friend, Caroline. Over dinner at her mother's house, I went through all of her birthday wishes including American Girl baby items. Ok, it doesn't sound like much of a challenge but trust me. This American Girl stuff is creepy. It was all I could do not to scream "WHAT THE HELL?"  We also bought our usual case of Girl Scout cookies. And hopefully, Caroline felt like a special girl.

I was able to reconnect with a friend from Junior High School via Facebook. Facebook is such a weird adventure where past and present combine. Anyway, I enjoyed getting a chance to find out more about a woman who was a good friend to me in a time that I needed it.

Doesn't sound very hard, does it?

So why not join ItStartsWith.Us? It's free, costs you only 15 minutes a week, and you get to do something positive for someone else. If you're worried about what you'll be asked to do, click here to download a copy of last years challenges. Again, they are easy, fun and you can really make a difference in someone's life.

There's no downside to this! Go ahead - join! :)