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It's on random.

Yep, that's me.  I'm set to random today.  (For you Shaun of the Dead buffs, I promise not to sing any Queen.)

For our entertainment, and in honor of my buddy Tommie, who has this song as her ringtone, here's Nickleback Rockstar.  The vid's actually quiet funny.

RANDOM #1: Remember the naked neighbor?  You know the guy who lived to the South? Well, he moved into the apartment building to the North of us.  Sigh.  I can hardly wait to see his pasty ass and flaccid member again.  Hardly... wait....

Fuck me the naked neighbor?s back.

RANDOM #2:Mary, the Teach has a cool meme this week.  If you met an alien creature, and you were sure s/he could understand, what would you say?  Stop by and see what people said.  I thought it was fascinating.

RANDOM #3:  My little bee hive isn't doing very well. This maybe a rebuilding year.  It's unfortunate, but one small factor, like not getting my queens, can take me down.  I may just be pessimistic.  I haven't given up.  A solution exists.

RANDOM #4:  My buddy FuriousBall is in the middle of a season of loss.  And his father just passed away.  He was highlighted on Five Star Fridays today for his eulogy for his dad. Check it out - remember to bring your tissue.

RANDOM #5:  I can't decide whether to continue Friday Fiction or start something like Saturday Stories.  Friday Fiction has been serial stories.  Most recently I did a romance.  Saturday Stories would highlight my stories and other people stories. (You know invite a bunch of people to share their stories and post them on Saturdays.)  What do you think?

Well, I guess that's it.  I'd love to know if you have any thoughts - Friday fiction (my serials) or Saturday Stories (people's stories).