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I have decided that I should be the next co-host of the View with Barbara Walters and I NEED YOUR HELP!

I wrote her this email:
Dear Barbara,

I would like to apply for the position of co-host on the View.  Here are some of my qualifications:

1.  I have 3 sisters and am well known for holding a middle ground between strong women with a variety of opinions.

2.  I am tall and there no tall co-hosts on the View.  Tall women make up a large demographic in the United States.

3. I am randomly good looking but prefer to think of myself as the ?smart? one instead of the ?pretty? one leaving room for anyone who wants to be the ?pretty? one on the show.

4. I am the founder of the Open Grove.  We create audio programming in holistic health and wellness.  For over 5 years, I have conducted telephone and in-person interviews.   (One of our largest demographics is women in their 70s ? you?ll love us!) I am known for my insightful questions and thoughtful commentary as well as my bubbly friendly charm.  I have a relationship with many people in the Holistic Health world and can easily pull some interesting, and not too stupid people, from my Rolodex if the View needed people to interview.

5. I am well read, well mannered, well groomed, and well educated (UC Berkeley, Biochemistry 1986, Antioch, MA Clinical Psychology 1994).

6. I once received a hand written note from Janet Reno.

7. I have High Blood Pressure and would never ever hide my struggle with it or what ever holistic or medical intervention I needed to take in order to stay alive.

8. I have a MySpace page, but my dog Rose has more friends than I do.

Thank you for your interest!


Claudia H. Christian
Founder, The Open Grove
Fabulous Human Being

Take a moment and send an email to Barbara by going to this page and click on Email Barbara.

SUBJECT: Hire Claudia Christian for the next co-host of the View


Dear Barbara,

Please hire Claudia Christian for the next co-host of the View.

Thank you