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I couldn't resist.

The truth is that I have very little Internet self control on Mondays.? I don't know why that is.

Last Monday, I permanently seared my brain looking at parts of Britney Spears that I should never have looked at.? I couldn't help myself.? There should be a good excuse.

Saying that... I wasn't going to write on this? BUT, it's Monday.

Business 2.0 has a "New Year's Revolutions" section this month.? Revolutions range from the unbelievable $100 PC, India and China's race to the moon, Ad-free news, paper thin solar panels, and....? the thing I wasn't going to write about.

You see, as a therapist, you learn a lot of things about people and their lives.? For example, there are a lot of men in their 20s and 30s who take Viagra recreationally.? Right.? They take it for fun.? They buy it over the Internet or their doctors prescribe it for them.? (Doctors are thinking ..??..? "My patient's not having enough fun?")

Next year,?you will be able to purchase a condom laced with a Viagra like substance called Zanifil.? At this time, it is still pending FDA approval.? There will also be a female lubricant designed for the same purpose.? These products should be available next year.

Imagine the possibilities.? Ladies: no more wondering if he can keep it together.? Men: no more illegal prescriptions.? Better yet, you will never have to have a conversation with your partner about certain embarrassing problems.? PHEW!

I guess it's going to be a good year.