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How about a sweet and spicy cereal to get you going? (Serial fiction round up!)

You've probably noticed that it's been a while since we did a cereal round up. It would not be an exaggeration that we've had our own drama on top of drama. An content editor who hates a

book and is nasty about it. A new editor rides in to save the day. Mysterious "tiny adjustments" which hold up printing and production and... drama on top of drama.

The nice this is that all that drama led to the release of the fourth installment of the Alex the Fey thriller series, Lean on Me

. We're already getting good reviews and people anxiously wait for the Fifth, so far unnamed installment of the series. We're talking about sharing side stories of Alex and Max and other characters. We haven't decided quite how to do that. The conversation on what stories to see is happening at the Alex the Fey Facebook page.

Ghost Cowboy extraordinaire Mike Bowler had me on his Abnormal Paranormal Blog Talk radio program last week to chat about Lean on Me. We had a great time, talked about ghosts, talked about going into the tunnels under Exchange Street(!), and talked to a reader! :) Very fun.

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mystery comes to an abrupt halt in a basement room of the Swift Packing Plant. Jaden Sadler holds Lo at gunpoint while they argue back and forth. In the end, they... Hey! That would give it away! Just trust me. You don't want to miss this week.

There are only three more chapters left in this portion of the Queen of Cool. The chapters are winding down and the action is heating up! The last segment will be published by She is Dallas on April 14, 2012. Can you believe a year has gone by!?  The paperback and eBook will be available near the end of March. And I'll return to Fort Worth for a few days in April to play to finish out the series in style.

Things are hot, hot, hot at Denver Cereal as well! Tanesha has effectively lost her mind. She seems to be caught in some kind of memory or dream. (This part of her story started a couple chapters ago, so if you missed it, start here.) In this chapter, we start with Aden driving Nash to martial arts from his orthodontist appointment. Sweet Nash has become a teenager while we weren't watching. Turns out he's worried that Aden will react to his Facebook postings. After dropping Nash off, Aden picks up Sissy. Having not eaten her snack, she's more wound up than usual. He drops her off at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House where Ivan has a special surprise for her. You won't believe who shows up! In the end, we catch a tiny glimpse of what Tanesha might be so upset about and, for once, it's not Jeraine.

My team here is looking for the next place to publish a serial fiction. We may go back East as I have a serial outlined for Boston or we may do a national serial fiction. So far, we haven't decided on anything. If you have ideas, feel free to email me or leave a post in the comments.

So that's our cereal round up. Sorry for the long post - it's been a while!