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Hitting the mark.

I am delighted that Hearts in SF awarded me the:

Blogging that hits the mark

After obsessing for a few days about what exactly "hits the mark" means, I decided to take a breath and stop obsessing.

(It could happen you know.  I could in fact stop obsessing.)

I am deeply touched and grateful to win this award.  I feel so grateful for the community that grows and expands around this blog.  You, the reader, are a very big part of my day.  Thank you for coming by, commenting, participating, sending me emails, and generally making the blog work.

If there's a mark to hit, (I am NOT obsessing, sheez)  the mark revolved around you, the reader.

I'd like to pass this award on to a few blogs that I enjoy:

Kevin Charnas - Kevin presents his world with delightful irony and delicious details.  Never afraid to make fun of himself, I think Kevin is a great example of living with joy and purpose.

Josie's C'est La Vie:  Josie presents her inner and outer world with delightful transparency.   She is what she writes.  In a world of cover up, this kind of transparency is like a glass of cool water on a hot day.