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Groundhog anyone?

I guess I'm also doing a meme today....  I was tagged by Chuck, once called Rhonda, not to be confused with Chuckie.  She tagged: Gnat, Gratitude Journal, Rhonda, Mama PJ, and me.

*Start Copy*

5 reasons I love/hate the Groundhog. After listing 5 reasons (no rules in listing reasons), tag 5 people and give credit to the tagger -- that would be Idaho Daily Photo. ((((big bear hug))))

*End copy*

As always, I am divided.

I do not love Groundhogs or Marmots because:

1)  They carry plague.

2)  They make an awful sound and dart in front of the truck when I'm trying to drive!

3)  They are the God of weather controlling winter. Grrrr.

I love Groundhogs or Marmots because:

4)  They are kind of cute, although I think Prairie Dogs are a little cuter because they aren't so fat.

5) Rose has a great time stalking them.  This picture is taken at 11, 000 feet while we were on the Colorado trail.  If you look closely, you will see three Marmots - boy and two girl.  The boy is on it's back legs screaming at Rose.  I would tell you where this was, but I was hallucinating at the time due to lack of oxygen....

Rose and her marmots

I tag Chuckie,? Kelly, Jill, Janet and Michelle.