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Food, inspired by Satan.

Gustave Dore's drawing in Milton's Paradise Lost

After our extensive Twizzler and Coffee research, we realized that there is an entire food category of "Inspired by Satan".  We thought it might be prudent to create a list of such foods, and food groups.

We are asking for your help to complete the list!
How do you know a food is inspired by Satan? 1.

3.  It can be left out for Satan's anagram. (Oh come on! Santa?)
Please feel free to add to our definition.

The Food, inspired by Satan, list:


2.  Pop Tarts (click for creepy pop tart page)

3.  Chocolate chips

4.  Cinnabon or any cinnamon roll product.

5.  Ice Cream

6.  Potato + Grease: Crisps, chips, french fries, hash browns, deep fried tator tots, etc.
Please note that we did not include cigarettes, alcohol or caffeine because we know that these were invented by God as a way to test the very nature of human beings.

What's on your list?

1. The word "Satan" means "adversity" in Hebrew. As in, the adversity created by either eating, or not eating, a Satan inspired food.