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Fish tale.

Last weekend, Rosie and D. went fishing.  The usual order of things is that Rosie points the fish and D. catches them.

Rose points a fish

Can you see the fish she's pointing at here?She also chases about a thousand sticks, swims and charms the boats full of rafters.  It's a fun outing for everyone involved.

Last weekend, she caught her own fish.

Rose and her fish

Here's the story.

She was sitting on the bank pointing fish, when she fixated on a stick.  The stick was stuck in some rocks near the middle of the river.  She began to bark at the stick then pull on the stick.

D. looked over to see what was going on and laughed thinking she was trying to get the stick.  He returned to fishing.

When he looked next, she had the stick in her mouth and there was a line on it.  He looked at there was a fish on the end of the line.

Very happy with herself, she played a little chase with the stick, line and fish finally giving it up to D.  The stick was tangled with line, hooks, sinkers and other junk people throw in rivers.

This beautiful fish got caught on a hook through it's throat. While Colorado rivers are catch and release, this fish had worn itself out on the line and died right there on the rock.

Rosie's first catch

Just a story about a fish and the dog who caught it all by herself.