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Finding Human Remains

We were hiking in the Buffalo Creek Fire Zone, exhausted, and looking for a tent site. We finally find this place, in a wash, under a widowmaker - sigh - but we simply couldn't go any father.

Low and behold, there is an entire, intact human skelton there. Some of it is scattered. Most of it is together - like a hand.... We took a GPS reading then went on.

Our friend K called in the information - and nothing. It turns out that the GPS is on the border of two counties so nothing happens. Finally over a week later, she gets a call from BOTH counties wanting to know if the site was in their county. SHEESH!

Life is simply NOT like a Jim Chee novel. No one rushes out. Instead, people fight over who is going to make the 2 mile hike to the spot.

I only hope that some mother will soon know what happened to her loved one.