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Famous by proxy by proxy by proxy

My best friend is in a fight with a well known celebrity blogger.  We'll call him PH.com.

PH.com haunts the coffee shops of West Hollywood for days at a time.  This is a key to his success as the paparazzi can easily find him to sell their stories and photos.  Further, he has access to tips, rumors and gossip.

My best friend frequents the same coffee houses while he studies for his Ph.D. exams.

One day, noticing the stench, my friend asked PH.com why he never bathed.

Whoops.  A lot of drama ensued.   I would tell about the screaming, yelling, name calling, but really (wrinkling my nose) he should bathe every once and a while.

My friend says that if he was famous, PH.com would plaster his blog with nasty comments and rude pictures.  But he's not famous, so all of this drama has stayed out of blog-o-rama (until now).

I figure it this way: PH.com is only famous by proxy.  And my friend is not famous but knows PH.com's bathing habits which makes him famous by proxy.  And he's been my best friend for thirty years.  I'm famous by proxy by proxy by proxy, right?

Since you know me, you can tell your friends and family that you know someone who is FAMOUS! (by proxy by proxy by proxy).  I bet you're psyched.