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Enough feeling sorry for ourselves!

Where have I been? I have been super busy feeling sorry for myself. First I was upset that we left the trail, lost in the middle of our modern life. Then there was much t(d)rama over what was supposed to be a nice weekend with friends. Hell, then there was just unabashed sorry feeling.

Hey, it happens right?

Last weekend, we decided to visit our next stop on the trail - Twin Lakes Colorado. What an amazingly beautiful place! We would have arrived there 2 days after we left the trail.

Totally cool - actually too cool - it's been snowing 1000 feet above Twin Lakes (read: on the Colorado Trail) since we left the trail.? Leaving early was heart wrenching.? See all that snow makes it a little less heart wrenching.

So I'm back to amuse you again....? Unless I get behind in my feeling sorry for myself and have to retreat again to do that!