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Dumbest business mistakes?

It's human nature to spend much of your time focusing on trying to improve things, make things better. Yet sometimes, now matter how hard you try, things don't turn out they way you would like them to. Business 2.0 runs a fabulous feature every February that highlights 100 of the dumbest mistakes in business. What I love about this feature is that it's fairly easy to see what someone was trying to do - even though they didn't hit the mark. Some are outright funny, while others are just plain sad.

My favorite one is the 101st dumbest mistake. It's a programming error on a football game that left one of the players 7 inches tall. Again, an easy enough mistake that lead to interesting consequences.

No matter what you try today, no matter what risks you take in your personal or professional life, just know that other people have risked more, spent more money, and done much worse. What's the worst that could happen? You might end up on this list next year!