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While I was going to graduate school, I worked at a Wilderness Outfitters in West Los Angeles.

One day, not long after Julia Roberts dumped him, Keifer Sutherland rolled up to the store on his Harley.

To say that he was drunk, is a gross understatement.  He was totaled, reeking,  completely smashed.

I've never seen someone so drunk and I grew up in a household of alcoholics!

He could barely stand, let alone walk.  He stumbled through the store with the manager at his side to make sure he didn't knock things over.

His eyes were almost completely closed.  One eye was blackened and he had a scrape on his cheek.  His face was slack.

He could barely form words.

We debated whether to keep him in the store or call the police.  When he got wind of the conversation, he became belligerent, nasty and crude.

I mean, it was a Wilderness Outfitters.  Our store manager was six feet four inches and about three hundred pounds.  I'm five feet ten inches and everyone else was either big or a bad ass.  You think people who climb Mc Kinley are going to be put off by a little punk ass actor?

We threw him out of the store and called the cops.

That was almost fifteen years ago.

If you missed it, he received a DUI last night.  He was caught on video at YouTube a year or so ago stumbling in a bar in Los Angeles.

What is it going to take to get this man off the juice?