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I'm driving home from the gym this morning, when I remember that I have to go to the market.  I shrug, turn on my blinker and move in front of this guy in a Saab convertable. For the sake of clarity, this is on a 30 mph two lane street lined with tall trees and 1920s bungalows.

Well, Ok, it was a little close, but he sped up.

When I move over, he completely loses it.  He flips me the bird, honks his horn, and starts screaming.

I don't know what got into me but I started laughing.

So we turned the corner and are now side by side waiting at another traffic light.  He rolls down his windows and continues screaming.  His two white faced golden retrievers look at me with sad "make him stop" eyes.  I continue laughing.

Finally I roll down my window and say, "You're embarrassing your dogs."

He says, "Your so f***ing stupid.  I can not believe how stupid you are."

I rolled up the window thinking: "I am missing those three IQ points."

Then it strikes me, how stupid do you have to be to yell out your window at a stranger? I had to pull over I was laughing so hard.