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Doesn't the president have something better to do?

It's my understanding that our country is at war.  It's my understanding that we are struggling to recover from natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.  It's my understanding that middle class working Americans continue to struggle with debt.  It's my understanding that American, as a country, has some real problems that need real leadership.

So why is the president spending his time and energy attempting to stop people who love each other from getting married.   Check out this story on MSN.

Note that Senate Majority leader Bill Frist states: "Marriage between one man and one woman does a better job protecting children better than any other institution humankind has devised."  There is absolutely NO evidence in ANY scientific research study that children are impacted in any way by their parents gender preference.  PERIOD. There has never ever been a study that shows what Mr. Frist states as even remotely true.  What is true is that children need loving parents.  Period.  If you have some time, I encourage you to contact Mr. Frist and ask him where he came up with this.

Let's get on with running the country and get out of people's personal lives.  If people want to get married - let them.