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Denver Running - City Park Running Path

I started running in May.

Yes, me.

I'm not very good. I'm certainly not very fast. And I still have the spinal cord injury and the herniated discs. Heck, I even learned about another one.

Still, I am getting out at least three times a week and getting it done. I'm still not sure that I love running, but I no longer hate it. That seems like a good thing.

My goal? Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half-Marathon, December 6, 2009.

One thing I love about running is the chance to get out and see Denver and the surrounding area a little bit. These runs have become such a big part of my life that I thought I'd add them to this blog.

The run that is my 'home' run, is the City Park Running Trail. It is a brand new trail finished literally a few weeks ago. I've run on it through all of it's phases of growth. The trail takes me through some of my favorite, and previously inaccessible, areas of the park.  It's so new that the trail doesn't show up on Google Maps.

Here's my rendition:

View City Park Running Trail in a larger map

The trail is made out of loose cinder and is moderately maintained. There are a couple of muddy areas (near Ferril Lake and the piece between the small pond and the museum road). It has a moderate grade to Colorado boulevard then again from Twenty-Third to Seventeenth. It's supposed to be 3.1 miles but it comes out to less than that on my map. The easiest place to park is on the Museum of Nature and Science road.

Otherwise, it's truly a gorgeous place to run.

Distance : 3.1 miles (approximate)

Difficulty : Easy - cinder path, relatively flat

Best place to park : Museum of Nature and Science road

Best season : Spring, Summer, Fall (because it goes through the trees, it's icy in the winter)