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Review of TED: Arthur Potts Dawson : Sustainable Restaurants

As I work out every morning, I watch Ted.com videos. I used to post some of them here, but I felt a little silly about my love of Ted. In the last few years, Ted conferences have exploded. There are more and more of them around the world, which, to my joy, means there are more videos.

And, because there are more and more videos, fewer and fewer of them are being watched. There's just too many. I decided that I would return to sharing Ted.com videos on my blog to help highlight some of the videos that never make it onto the front page -but are fabulous none the less.  When I find them, I will post them.

Video synopsis: Today, we meet Arthur Potts Dawson and his 'green' restaurants. This video is noteworthy because it's fun to see how he solves problems. He's taken the phrase 'reduce, reuse, recycle' and made restaurants out of them.  His restaurants are sustainable, successful and look like great places to eat.

Time: 8:49 min

Recorded: July 2010

Where: TedGlobal