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Creamed cheese.

Monday I spent an hour pricing creamed cheese.

You are probably thinking - price gun city. Pick up one, slap a label on it, and rock. No it's much stupider than that. For the sake of clarity:


Imagine a 1 oz cup filled with creamed cheese. I weighed over 100 of these little cups one at a time. Then I placed a 2 in w x 4 in h label with the price and weight on it. (Yes, physics majors - the freakin' label didn't fit.)

In case you are wondering, the creamed cheese cost between 29 cents and 31 cents. Not one creamed cheese was over 31 cents or less than 29 cents.

Needless to say, my mind drifted a bit during the process. Out of no where, a voice screams in my head: "WHAT BUSINESS CAN I START??? LIKE TODAY?" I start to laugh.

My co-workers gave me that sideways look. You know the one - "has she completely lost it?"

Of course I have.