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Cool things I found this week (week 9)

If this is your holiday, I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with joyous times with friends and family!

My new favorite quote:

" What you do in the dark, and even in the light a long time ago when it was vogue, always comes to present day light." As said by Reginald J Mitchell and Joy May-Harris.

MIT offers courses in writing for free:

MIT's Open Course Ware offers some interesting courses in writing and humanities. Personally, I'm taking this class, Major Authors: After the Masterpiece: Novels by Melville, Twain, Faulkner, and Morrison.  When I'm done, I may take some classes in management or business.

I mean why not? What looks interesting to you?

Hackers Attack

This year, I resubscribed to Scientific American. I love that magazine.  They cover so many facets of modern life from a high level scientific perspective. What I always admire is their dedication to taking difficult, complex scientific issues and making them understandable and usable. Really great magazine.

This week, I found this article. I thought it was particularly fascinating.

(For the record, my favorite article in Scientific American this year was about the First Americans. Everything I thought I knew turns out to be only sort of true. If you haven't seen it, click here.)

Thanks Mom and Dad!

'What evidence is ther that live events such as chronic stress and childhood trauma relate to shorter telomeres? (Short telomeres are linked to cancer and everything bad.)

let's look at childhood trauma. The studies find that the number of childhood traumas relates, quantitatively, to the degree of telomere shortness in the adult: the more traumas, the shorter the telomeres."-- Nobel Laureat Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Actuary of the Cell, Scientific American, October 2011

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