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Colorado needs a new senator

First Wayne Allard is declared one of the 5 worst, most ineffective senators in the US Senate by Time Magazine.  (For those of you who struggle with the math...that's 2 senators a state, 50 states....  100 senators total....  That means that there are 95 more effective senators, including Colorado's brand new Senator Salazar.. That's pretty bad!)

Then he declares that he is a "workhorse". (What?)

So, he decides to workhorse his way into marriage.  Let's be clear.  He's not working to create initiatives that make marriage easier for people.  He's not working to reduce the marriage penalty in taxes or creating a supportive atmosphere for marriage.  He's not even creating public and private support for troubled marriages.  He's work horsing around Gay Marriage.

And when it didn't pass he says:  ?It's not a waste of time,'' Allard said of the vote, when asked about the significance of picking up just one vote. ?It's an important issue.''.  Uh, what?

Is Gay Marriage more important than looking at our deficit? What about our slowing economy and the Federal reserve?  What about the war?  What about issues that the average person cares about?

It's time to elect an new Senator Colorado, not someone who wastes tax payers time and money on issues that no one but Focus on the Family cares about.