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Why is it that the bullies are the cool kids now?

Yesterday I was frying my brain on the MTV site and I stumbled upon this? video - Sarah Silverman on Paris Hilton.

Now let's be clear.? I'm not a big fan of Ms. Hilton.? In fact, I think she's a lost girl who could really use some PARENTS. (I know what a concept.)

Did you know that she made over 10 million US dollars last year in appearance fees?? We created?Paris Hilton.? You and me and all the readers of People magazine, TMZ.com, Perez Hilton.com, E!, Entertainment weekly and on and on.
Why then do we mock her when she struggles?? We crown her princess then chop the throne from under her feet.

Sarah Silverman made the easy joke.? It's like making fun of the mentally challenged kid in elementary school.

Ms. Hilton has no relational skills.? She's unable to keep close friends or? participate in loving long term relationships with appropriate men.
And why is that funny?? Why is that cool?

Watch the video.? Look at her face.

Now tell me - is it really funny to see a fellow human being hurt?