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Brain trust.

My head is permanently stuck on a very stupid song.? (Rihanna &
Sean Paul Break it off - You Tube).? In an effort to relieve my own brain numb, I took a gander at the Denver Post.

Man Accidentally Hangs Himself

This is a lovely piece of journalism.? The writer details the coroner response to: "how does someone accidentally hang himself?" (answer: 'that's not public record'). But then the eight-five marijuana plants on the premises kind of fill in a few blanks.

Now what story would you make up from these details?

Here's what I came up with.

Man gets incredibly stone then decides to try autoerotic-asphyxiation.? He's then too stoned to cut himself down, release the pressure, so he dies.

He was fifty eight years old! I thought people grew out of this kind of thing.? I guess not.

I can hear my inner capuchin saying, 'he was someone's father, brother, sibling, friend.'

He's just some brain trust.

But then, I've been watching a lot of Dead Like Me to get ready for the straight to DVD series return.? Maybe it's warped me a little bit.