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#BookMarket : Authentic Marketing

Since March, 2010, I've hosted #BookMarket Twitter chat. #BookMarket is Twitter's only chat about Book Marketing. It's grown into one of the best conversations about publishing on the Internet.  The chat is from 4-5 ET on Twitter.

Over the next couple months, I'm going to slowly start moving #Bookmarket over to this blog.  Today is the first day.


Molly Gordon (Twitter @shaboom) joined us to talk about Authentic Marketing. Molly believes we should change the rules of marketing so that we don't have to lose our soul doing it. She encouraged us to focus on marketing in a manner that makes the most of our strengths. Moreover, she suggested we get in the mind of our readers - what do they get from what we write? what are they looking for? Focus to that.

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Next week, December 15, 2011, experienced author Jamee Rae Pinede joins us to discuss "Creating and Building your Platform" from an author's perspective.