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Book signing in Craig, Colorado

As you know, the husband, Rose and I drove to Craig, Colorado for a book signing. This was my first outing with Learning to Stand. I've been in Craig a couple times before and have a tiny, but loyal group of people who like my books. I was a guest at the Craig chamber event at the Moffat Public Library.

I had a blast. I met a lot of different people, talked about books, and the entire drama that is modern publishing.

This is a very blurry picture of me talking to Carolyn. Originally, the table was set up near the back - kind of off by itself. After a half hour or so, we moved the books up to a shelf near the front.

I enjoyed getting the chance to meet the business owners of Craig. It's an amazing group of people. They scratch out a living in one of the coldest places in Colorado. There's a beautiful air of the outdoors and a refreshing sense of transparency.

I'm really glad I had a chance to attend this  event. I truly had a fabulous time: sold a few books, even encouraged a couple people to check the books from the library (Isn't that fun?), and gave away books as door prizes.

One librarian said my books create a lot of work for her. I was confused by what she said. She laughed and told me the books are checked out a lot.

The books were in great condition - not damaged at all - and definitely read. I was thrilled to see that people had read them.  I also donated Learning to Stand and Celia's Puppies for the library. Hopefully their collection will grow!

While 'm not sure about book signings as a vehicle for book sales, I did have a wonderful time.