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Bee update.

Bee landing by Harlekwin

Photo by Harlekwin - Bee in Pear Groves

Spent quite a bit of time in my hives on Sunday and wanted to give you an update.

My big hive?  It's big.  There's a lot of bees and no food. The bees are hungry and aggitated after 2 days stuck inside due to snow.  Wouldn't you be?  I gave them a couple of honey filled frames (saved from last fall).  I also took some of the bees and added them to the "small" hive.

The small hive?  This hive has lots of food and almost no bees.  So I added bees using what's called the "newspaper method".  (You put newspaper between the different bees and they eat their way between.)  There is a queen but she has been inactive. Hopefully, the addition of bees will get her moving again.

Now we wait and hope for the best.  I will check them again on Tuesday to see how everything is going.  My queen supplier hopes to have queens on or around the 23rd so... we just hold our breath and fiddle around until then.

All the rules and all the bets are off.  I'm making it up as I go now.

Thank you for your kind thoughts, prayers and wishes.