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Banana muffins and spring mornings.

At the desk, 8:31 a.m.

I've actually been at my desk for a while. I got up, made coffee - mostly decaf with a little caf - read my email, checked around the social media landscape, and went to make banana muffins.

I forgot about writing here.

It's been six days since I started writing here when I sit down. You'd laugh if you saw me do this writing. It's not the bucolic scene I imagine when I see other writers desks and studios. Rose is here whining and crying for treats. I'm typing like a mad woman hoping something makes some kind of sense.  I suppose that's why they retreat into tiny houses in their backyards.

But I am a middle child.

I like to be in the middle of things.

So life whirls around me as I type - whether it's on this blog or in Word or wherever I may be in any given day.

I do get quiet time. After treats are eaten, the husband has retreated to work, Rose is on the bed, and the neighbors are about their days. The street and my little office are still. I'm not sure if I do more work in those times or less. I don't keep track of it. I just know that it happens, and I make good use of it.

This morning, the cool, still silence waited for me. I think that's a gift of Daylight "Savings" time. The neighbors are still asleep. The husband is still asleep. Rose wanted to go out but went back to the bed.  And I found three brown banana muffins on the counter. What's a girl to do?

I made muffins. I like the recipe from a bruised and battered  Moosewood Cooks at Home Cookbook. I shift the recipe a bit by adding a teaspoon of vanilla (because I love it), using turbinado sugar, and mixing up the flour - 1 C regular flour, 2/3 whole grain wheat, 1/3 oat bran.

And... the bell is ringing, the muffins are done, the husband is stirring, Rose is wondering why I don't have treats...

I guess the still silence is over.

And the world is spinning once again.