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My trainer said, "You have asthma."

I said, "I do not." And I laughed.

I mean really, what does he know?? He just turned thirty years old and I've lived in this body for... well a long time.? Asthma, bah.

"Talk to your doctor," he said.

"About what?" I asked.

"Your asthma," he replied.

I shrugged.? Why would I talk to the doctor about something that I don't have? Ridiculous.

"What did your doctor say about your asthma?" My trainer asked a month later.
"What asthma?" I reply.

"Just talk to him," he says.

"All right," I reply.? I have to go see the doctor anyway.? I'll mention it.? I'm sure he'll laugh at the trainer and I'll go on about my life.

"Your trainer says that you have asthma?" My doctor asks.

"Yeah," I bluster.

"Huh," the doctor replies.? "I can set you up for this test..."

I make an "ew" face.

"or you can try this medication.? If the medication works, you have asthma."

I nod.

Guess what?

I have asthma.? In fact, I have probably always had some amount of asthma.? I don't have any symptoms because I always feel like I can't breathe.? I thought it was the altitude.? I thought it was because I was a pudge.
But it's asthma.

I remembered that Joe Gold told me that I had trouble breathing about twenty years ago.

Yes, I coped to it to the trainer.? He said, "Asthma sucks."

I'm just delighted to be able to breathe... for the first time in... a long life.