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Assistance please!

There is a terrible dilemma in our household.  We have sought the proper authorities.  We've contacted manufacturers.  Sadly, we are unable to come up with a definitive solution.

We need your help!

We purchased a tub of Kirkland Disney Animal Crackers.

Animal Crackers

We are unable to identify all of the shapes.   You cannot imagine how many crackers have lost their lives in the identification process.

The store said:

Sorry, we are unable to identify this just looking at the outside of the plastic jar.  There is a bird character (although seemingly not Owl) on the label, so perhaps that is it.

We need your assistance.   This is what we have determined so far:

Winnie the Pooh Animal Crackers

Do you agree with our assessment?

We have not been able to determine the following shape.

Questionable Animal Cracker

Before you blithly determine that this cracker is a Heffalump, I'd like to remind you that Heffalumps are hostile creatures. This creature is smiling.  Further Heffalumps have large ears whereas this creature has small ears.

What does this animal cracker look like to you?