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You're probably wondering about all the weird ass things that have been going on in the last couple weeks.

What weird ass things, Claudia?

Ah come on - shootings, bombings, hostage taking, crazy assed stupid stuff.? Surely you've noticed that things get weird in April.

It's a popular myth that people are self-destructive over the holdiays.? Actually, people just mope, get depressed and eat.? They don't have the energy to act out.? They also plan.

April holds the title as the self-destruction month.? People who were depressed all winter, now have just enough energy to act out their plans.? They attempt suicide.? They kill other people.? They act out the plans they made all winter.

Things should settle down in a couple weeks.? People gain enough energy to get some help.? Everyone gets outside a little bit.? Generally, if you can make it to May, you're going to survive.

Let's hold on together.? May will be here soon.? Promise.