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And then....

I saw this and couldn't resist.

Check out Caleb the Airman (he's a C-130 Loadmaster with the United States Air Force) dance in the middle of Iraq - you'll laugh - all while a jet engine revs.  Crazy.
Check out this video: "Booty Call" In Iraq (My Space)

"Booty Call in Iraq" (You Tube)

This is what he had to say:

In Caleb's words: "I was deployed when we made that video. We got pretty bored day to day...not a boring job in the least but we all know that everyone tries to change things up from time to time. Plus, my crew and our crew chiefs liked it and we all got a laugh out of it. The video was taken by the other loadmaster on the crew and from there he added the music (yes there was no music playing when it was made but added later...it just worked out the way it did). From there it was passed around my deployed base then from there all over the Air Force and later I guess to everyone else. The Air Force passing took about 4 days before I started hearing about it. Its been pretty crazy and alot of fun once people found out I was 'THAT GUY IN THE DANCING VIDEO'. I guess if 2 things come from this...Air Force and Loadmaster. In all honesty I thank you and everyone on here for your support. Its like they say...It sucks there and sometimes we just need to laugh. That applies here too. Glad I could do that for you. Thank you for watching/enjoying.