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About Claudia (part four) - Ten BIG lifetime goals.

Dax Moy recently challenged his readers to come up with fifteen BIG goals they would like to accomplish over the course of their lives.  I thought I would share with you ten goals I would like to accomplish over the course of my life.

1. To live at least one month in Paris and at least a month at the ocean every year.

2. Have enough resources - money and time - to live, exciting and joyful life with my family while having plenty of resources to donate to people in need.

3. Feel deeply comfortable with my physical manifestion - looks, age, and weight.

4. Learn the boundaries of what is enough, what is too much and where I want to draw those lines so that I can be content that I do enough.

5. Be the best wife and friend I can possibly be.

6. Learn to communicate in Spanish, French, and Irish Gaelic.

7. Have at least one novel hit the NY Times bestseller's list.

8. Live an active, joyful and fulfilling life into my one hundreds.

9. Create a serial fiction for every major city in the United States.

10. Dedicate myself to creating quality fiction which provides the reader with an uplifting, curious, fascinating, hopeful, emotional experience.

What's on your ten big lifelong goals list?

P.S. This is a great vid of Dax talking about how to get your goals.