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A little story about the lunar eclipse (with bad pictures)

I was playing space wars with the dog on our king sized bed last night when I realized two things:

1. I was never going to win the space war, and

2. The lunar eclipse was happening RIGHT NOW!!

I woke up the husband, got out of bed, put on 5 layers of non-natural fibers, and grabbed the dog's collar. She looked up at me as if to say, "I know we're playing space wars, but you don't have to throw me out." I laughed at her injured look and put on her collar. With a little coaxing, and less drama than space wars, we traipsed out of the house around 1 am last night to watch the moon.

Standing outside our Victorian era home, we gazed up as the moon moved through the last stages of the pre-eclipse. Using my little red camera, I took this photo:

Yep. The photo is underwhelming, but the experience was amazing. We could still see a ring of yellow with the impending orange. Unbelievable beauty.

We took a drive to City Park and the Natural History Museum lawn. Rose got over her injured feelings (about me cheating at bed space wars) and romped around like a wild dog. (Of course, there was gourmet goose poop to eat in the dark just outside of where I could see her... but that's another story.) We walked out to the City Park Meadow where the moon went into a full lunar eclipse.

I'm not exactly sure why these photos turned out so poorly. The little red camera seemed to make the images further away and not closer. Crazy. We had an amazing time in the frigid early morning. We watched the moon and the dog as they both maintained their marvelous beauty.

After we were cold through and through, we made our way back home. We drank cocoa and laughed at Rose.

(If you'd like to see real photos from real photographers of the lunar eclipse, these are the best I've seen.)

An hour later, we were back in bed. The adventure was achieved and the space wars continued. The next time you're not sleeping, and/or playing space wars with the dog on the bed, maybe, just maybe, there's an adventure waiting for you.