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A letter from Claudia

We dropped this bombshell in the audio magazine announcement. I thought it would be appropriate to include it here.

You are probably wondering what's going on in the Open Grove. This program is late. We cut out a newsletter last month. Something is clearly going on.

We are at a real cross roads at the Open Grove. We are at a point where we either grow or die.

For over 5 years, we have worked, interviewed, programmed, promoted and interacted. The Open Grove has helped improve the lives of people around the world at the cost of around $10,000 a year. Most of this money has come from donations from key players at the Open Grove. No one takes a salary. Outside of programming, every effort is volunteer.

Our board remains dedicated to seeing the mission through. The key players remain invested in making the Open Grove a success. We have plenty of ideas and inspiration. We are running out of personal and professional resources.

The question is: "Do we still have an audience? Are we still making a difference?" And that comes down to you.

We need your help. In the next few months, we will ask your opinion about content, funding and marketing. We are interested what you have to say. For example, should we return to public or satellite radio? Should we grow or stay small? Is it time to close?

What's clear is that these are either the final days of the Open Grove or the beginning of something much larger. We want to give you a say in the process. We think it's only fair.

Please feel free to email me any thoughts, opinions or ideas. I will answer every email.

Many Blessings,