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A great idea will make you rich!

My friend C. is a truly amazing idea guy. He can come up with an idea and spin it into entire businesses. He protects his ideas and only shares them with people who will take them to the next level. Each idea is fabulous - golden - and filled with potential.

The question being - "potential for what?" C.'s brilliant ideas rarely generate profit. In fact, even though he's created amazing businesses, he's closed most of them after years of struggle and final financial ruin. Currently, he's working in smaller more practical ways; yet, his ideas flow from him like flower petals and flower girls.

What gives with that?? Don't great ideas create a bounty of income?

The truth is that great ideas rarely make money for the simple fact that great ideas don't necessarily have customers. You see, customers generate income. And even if a great idea can generate customers, it may take so dang long to generate momentum that you will have given up and taken your marbles home long before the masses find you. You might, just might, live to see your fame - but most people (James Joyce, Van Gogh, Elvis, etc) don't live to enjoy their fame generated fortune.

I have learned (the hard way) that commonly held ideas about business are mostly false. The stories that propagate these ideas are mythological in nature? geek myths. Check out these geek business myths, check out this post.. It's also worth taking a look at this article about Ego and the Entrepreneur, which states that Ego (or an overconfidence in your ability) is at the root of much entrepreneurial spirit.

A dash of confidence, a great idea, and you're sure to have a failing business. Take it from my friend C. It happens every time.