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A brief respite from winter

This week it's actually supposed to be over 50 degrees. We are planning an entire day in the bee yard getting the our 5 hives ready for spring. We will medicate the bees for disease and pest and get them ready for new queens. We have a hive that is, of all things, aggressive when smoked, so we need to split the hive and also re-queen. Working with bees is truly the first sign of spring.

Connecting with bees and nature is one easy way to decompress. Nature is always waiting for you to notice it's beauty. One easy way to bring nature into your life is to learn to compost. Composting is the art of taking your kitchen cuttings, some dried material and dirt (think green, brown and black) and creating rich material that will enhance any garden this year. Check out this site for more information. Why make the effort? Composting decreases the pressure on our landfills and is literally a way of creating beauty out of refuse.

This is also a time of year to start looking at how you can enrich your life for spring. Where do you need support? Why not spend the next month or so looking creating a kind of "life compost" - a way of enhancing your own deep riches? Where do you need to enhance your resources? When spring comes around, you'll be ready to grasp the rapid growth and opportunity of spring.