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80 miles.... down....

It's been hard... Ok really hard. Every day we are both confronted with our own demons. His sound like "What's the point?" and mine sound like "no matter how hard I try, I am just not going to be able to do this". But here we are 80 miles later.

We aren't going very fast. We modeled our trip after Andy Skurka (who is super fast) knowing that we aren't 24 anymore. What we didn't a count on is all the time we would stop to talk, 1 hour long lunches, playing with the dog, and simply our desire to enjoy some of the trial.

Truth is? We are simply not that cool. Or in shape. Or young. Or what the hell?

Did I mention it's hard?

We have seen some amazing sites - glowing vistas, beautiful sunrises, open scenery that we would never have seen. We have challenged ourselves to stretch beyond simple comforts like pillows, pajamas, flush toilets, and, yes, clean underwear. It's been an amazing dicotomy of challenges, delights, and experiences.

We'll see where we end up!

Rose, the Joyful, takes a look in the Lost Creek Wilderness.

Max and Monster get in the picture AGAIN(!) in this view of South Park near Kenosha Pass. -----