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6 unimportant things.

I was tagged by Bethany. Because, this time of year, everyone is talking about their pedicures, my mind turned to my feet....

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Six unimportant things about myself:

1. I have Morton's toes - which means that my second and third toe are longer than my big toe.

2. My father used to call these 'Intelligent feet.' Why? Who knows? (His IQ was tested 162.)

3.  I like to wear stilettos - my husband loves it when I wear stilettos.

4. I have Morton's Neuroma in my left foot from dancing in four-inch stilettos.  Morton's Neuroma means that I have intense pain near the ball of my left foot.

5. The very best treatment, after hours of dancing in my stilettos, is putting a small bottle of frozen water on the floor and rubbing or pressing my foot on the bottle of frozen water.

6.  We have three small bottles of water frozen in the refrigerator.

How's that for unimportant?

Right now I have a TT hangover! ;)? Do it if you want!


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