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3 simple reasons why you should grow your own food.

At the desk, 9:38 a.m.

1. It's easy. Seriously. The land that now harbors your carpet grass once grew things, nice things, flowering things, and, in a lot of cases, grew food. Don't get fooled by advertising. You don't need petrochemicals like Miracle Grow or fancy tools. All you need is soil and water. When you decided to grow large pumpkins or super expert cucumbers, then you can worry about how much fertilizer and ph and all the other junk they sell you.

Right now, peel back a layer of grass. Grab a packet of seeds - zucchini is fun because it's easy; pumpkins too - and stick a seed in the ground.

Wha la! You're a gardener.

If you want you can even go to Home Depot, invest $5 and buy a plant. Peel back lawn, stick in ground, wha la!

*Don't have grass to spare or a yard and want to start? Check out the Window Farm project. You make your garden out of trash and grow it in a window. You can even buy the plants and buy the set up. It's very affordable.*

2. Your food tastes better. It's just a fact. Lettuce tastes like something other than water. Tomatoes have subtle flavors. Kale is sweet and tangy. You won't believe what food tastes like. You think I'm joking. I'm not. You don't need Gordon Ramsey to babble about the luscious nature of this or that. You will be blown away.

3. It's healthier. Let's face it. We can't unlink Agri-business from Congress and with the passage on Friday of the Farm Bill, poor children lost their lunches and the rest of us lost the chance to have our food labeled GMO or not. (Debate: Mandatory GMO labeling.) When you go to the store, even Whole Foods, there is no way to know what you're getting. None.

And they've now created Agent Orange GMO corn.

The only way to know what you're putting into your body is to grow your own food. Your health depends on what you eat. You'll smell better, look better, have less wrinkles (I'm not joking), sleep better, have more energy, and genuinely enjoy your life more when you're eating whole real food that you grow yourself.

Imagine what you would do if you discovered you had cancer? Would you do everything in your power to have the cleanest, wholest, pursest food? Would you peel back a layer of grass and stick a seed in then?

So... really... what are you waiting for?

PS. We also grow extra food which we share with our neighbors and drop off to food stores used by low income families. Be the change you want to be in the world.