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July 31, 2012


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Nice stories.I was at the gas station last week and was chatting with the woman in front of me who was cleaning her windshield. Its been a endless bird poop on windshield kind of summer wipers just don't get it all off.She said she was loaning her car to her Aunt and wanted to make sure the windows were clear for her. Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness make the biggest difference and are appreciated the most.

Claudia Hall Christian

That's a lovely story Jen! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jennifer Leeland

It's just a little thing, but at my job there's only two of us in the office and my co-worker is out in the field a bunch. His job is MUCH more stressful and challenging. Yet, every time our office is low on bottled water, he buys it. Even though that's really unofficially my job. Every time I think "I need to go get water", I come to work and find he's done it. It's one more thing he does in his busy day and I'm grateful for it.

Claudia Hall Christian

There are two fabulous things about your story - 1. that your coworker sees what you need and helps out, and 2. that you notice it. So often we don't notice these kinds of gestures. I think it's wonderful that you notice, and care, and that he does it! :) Thanks for sharing!


Kindness: friend's 4 year old sang the ABC song over the phone before my root canal. Know it helped.


I love this! I love that you have good friends. I love that they love you in ways that help. I love that you appreciate her efforts. Awesome!

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