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December 23, 2011


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Good seeing you! 20k words/month is amazing! How could you doubt someone would want to know about that???


Pshaw who cares about your keyboard. I was just happy to hear your voice and see your face animated. 10-40k words a week was it? Gadzooks stay away from poetry or I will never be the most prolific poet to beat Edgar Guests 11,200 pieces.By the by I am lucky to type 10-50 wpm and am grateful as hell for spell check even though I still have to manually eyeball everything.

On a limb with Claudia

Well, it's not amazing, mouthwatering cooking! ;) As my favorite movie professional, thanks for not laughing! :)

On a limb with Claudia

Oh you know, I can't poet. My poet-er is non functional. Very sad. I'm not sure it ever worked. Or was broken and never fixed. I'm rooting for you to beat out old Edgar Guests - go Mark go!


I'm in awe of anyone who can write 10,000 meaningful words a month. Therefore I would worship at the alter of your keyboard hoping for your manna to fall upon me but that goes against that laws of my religion. Plus I get to read what you write so I get the manna anyway.

And to your question - no my keyboard has nothing to do with my lack of writing ability productivity. Not having my butt in the chair causes most of that.

Still I do find your life ever interesting and it's good to see your face and hear your voice.

On a limb with Claudia

Yes, butt in chair syndrome. I'm familiar with it. I think everything has seasons LaShae. Your butt in chair time will come - probably sooner than you think. I know your capable and talented. It's a timing issue.

J "SittieCates" F

I am so impressed, Claudia! You are a mean-writing machine! It's so lovely to see you and hear you talk about your struggles with your keyboard and your superb typing skills.

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