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January 20, 2010


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Jaysus if I had known there were so many rules a good writer must adhere to, I would have become a couch potato. I don't know nor being formally trained in the craft and having no pressing need for fame I simply throw my work on the wall and if it sticks good and if not then clean up the mess and throw it again.

I know a lot of people who obsess over the process and the setting, everything has to be just so, but for me I simply put the ear buds in turn on the music and decide to write. i don't think about anything but what I am doing at the moment and if the phone rings or the dog walks in that's cool, no internal pressure is the only advice I can offer.


TWMark - You're a poet. The rules don't really apply to you. Yes? I love those moments, hours, and days of focus. Good for you!


There are some great ones in there Claudia! I especially like the one about multitasking. I really need to relearn how NOT to do that.


CK - I've been retraining myself for the last few years. It's hard but can happen. Good luck!


What an awesome resource of advice, Claudia! "No one is coming" is probably the single most important piece for me to keep remembering. I really appreciate it!


Jay - "No one is coming" is definitely a wake up call - for everyone. It's up to me and only me now.

los angelista

Absolutely phenomenal list and so much of it resonates with me. I've been so busy writing for the new job I haven't been writing other stuff and I've missed it. I need to get back on it.

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